The Lyric is an invisible, effortless, 24/7 use hearing device.  The Lyric device is inserted deep into your ear canal by a trained professional.  You can wear the Lyric in all types of situations, including showers, exercising, and sleeping.  Because of its placement in the ear canal, it’s completely invisible from the outside. The Lyric hearing device allows the user to enjoy unsurpassed hearing with no hassles.  There are no batteries to change and you don’t need to take it out to shower or sleep; it’s 24/7 hearing! Every six to eight weeks the user returns to their hearing health care professional to have the Lyric replaced.  It’s the first disposable hearing device; and the only one of its kind. Users will enjoy this comfortable, hassle free, quality hearing device.

HearCare Audiology is a premiere elite Lyric provider in the Sarasota and Venice area.  HearCare has been in practice in Sarasota for nearly 15 years.  Now, with our newest location in Venice, we are available to serve you conveniently in your community. HearCare uses licensed Doctors of Audiology to provide professional and quality care to meet your needs.  Our team is dedicated to providing a customized plan to suit your lifestyle, comfort and hearing health.   HearCare has been providing Lyric services since it’s debut in 2007.  Our team of audiologists will ensure you receive the care you deserve.