Starkey is the only major hearing device manufacturer located in the United States.  With Starkey’s “Made for You approach” mentality, each hearing device is clinically tested in the real world to help fit the most personalized and most comfortable hearing device on the market.  Starkey prides itself on being an industry leader.  This most recently includes the integration of objective measuring tools into their hearing software.  This lets your hearing healthcare professional physically see how well the hearing device is amplifying sound and if it is appropriate for the patients hearing needs.  

HearCare Audiology Center is an independent practice that has been serving the Sarasota and Venice area’s since 2001.  Our compassionate Doctors of Audiology are well versed in hearing aid manufacturer technology and are constantly keeping up on the latest products that are available.  We strive in educating ourselves in order to be able to provide our patients with the best and most up to date information available today.  This gives each patient the necessary knowledge, along with the long term care that is needed, to make the best informed decision for their very unique hearing needs.