Our highly trained Doctors of Audiology are dedicated to putting your patients’ best interests first. Patients are provided personalized care and attention in a warm, welcoming environment. It is our belief that ALL patients deserve access to professional hearing healthcare. For this reason, we have payment options that make hearing aids accessible to patients.


If insurance does not cover hearing aids, many patients choose to purchase hearing aids on their own. All hearing aid purchases come with a 3-year worry-free service plan, so you will not have any hidden fees for services or appointments.


You can choose to enroll in a 12 month interest free financing payment plan for your hearing devices. This allows you to split the payment into smaller amounts. You can pay monthly over the year or pay it off early with no consequences. You will receive the same 3-year worry free service plan.


We now also have a unique hearing aid leasing option. You can  lease hearing aids for a 3-year period at a very low monthly payment. All service and batteries are included during that time, and you are able to stay in the current technology by renewing every 3 years. At the end of 3 years, you can either purchase the devices for a low cost, or the hearing aids are donated to our non-profit efforts at Hearing The Call Sarasota.


We work with Hearing The Call Sarasota, a 501 9(c)(3) organization to provide hearing aids to those who otherwise cannot afford them for just $100 each. Individuals can qualify for the program if their household income does not exceed 250% of the federal poverty level. Our unique “Circle of Giving” model also requires that program recipients complete 10 hours of community service to “pay it forward”.

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