At HearCare we are committed to compassion, collaboration and community. All of our staff strive to be compassionate and understanding and treat each patient like family. Our Doctors of Audiology work together with you and your loved ones to meet your specific needs and treat your hearing health care concerns. As an office we believe fully in the power of giving back and the importance of community.

This is why we have a non-profit organization in place to help individuals and families locally, and globally, receive the health care services they deserve. HearCare is a place where health care is about the individual and their quality of life. We provide exceptional service and always follow Best Practices when it comes to testing, treatment and education.

We are not just a place to buy hearing aids; we are a commitment to a more connected life. We hope you see why HearCare is unique and give us the opportunity to be a part of your hearing journey.

Our Why

The Olson’s have a love for all things Audiology. Growing up both Eileen and Jeff experienced exceptional patient care through their parents. Their goal is to continue that tradition of making strong connections with every individual that visits HearCare Audiology Center.  We are dedicated to building better hearing healthcare, better relationships, and a renewed sense of life.

At HearCare Audiology our core values include compassion, community, and collaboration.  Our Doctors of Audiology have embraced these core values and believe that we are ultimately here to serve you. We believe that it is necessary to follow best practices, to treat hearing loss, and to provide the absolute best outcomes for each of our patients. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you.

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