It’s time to start thinking differently about your hearing loss.

We know hearing loss can be frustrating for you and those around you. It can be tiring and prevent you from being as engaged in your life as you would like to be. Most people think hearing is simply a problem with your ears, and many other providers treat it that way, but HearCare Audiology knows there is a better way.

With a Functional Hearing Assessment (FHA), we can get to the root of your hearing loss issue by utilizing ear-to-brain testing which helps us to determine how your brain is processing speech. Then we can create a customized treatment plan that provides real results. It’s time to fully treat your hearing loss, from the ear to the brain, so you can get back to the life you love.


We start by getting to know you and your lifestyle. Having a conversation about your concerns and your goals will help us assess your most challenging situations and develop a plan to address them.


We will look at each layer of your ear-to-brain pathway and complete a full diagnostic evaluation.Certain cognitive skills, including memory and processing speed, play a big role in our ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise. A key component in our Functional Hearing Assessment, is the FDA-approved Cognivue. We also use real-world simulations to get a closer look at your day-to-day listening challenges.Our testing goes beyond traditional “listening for the beeps” so we can better assess your hearing and overall communication.


Our Audiologists will spend time with you discussing your results and fine tuning your treatment plan. In addition to finding the right technology for your hearing needs, we partner with you for better long term success through education, communication strategies, and additional resources for you and your loved ones.

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