Dr. Lundstrom’s insights on “Emergency Communication Tips” were recently featured on HealthyHearing.com!

This article is a must read for those who experience hearing loss and those who are their caretakers. It teaches how to be aware of and prepare for communication challenges during emergencies or disasters and how to provide the necessary assistance for those we care for who experience hearing loss. 

“Communicating during emergencies is deeply challenging: blaring sirens, stressful situations, and downed phone lines are all contributing factors that can make it hard to speak, hear, or think clearly. 

For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, there’s an extra layer of complexity and additional obstacles, including: 

  • Difficulty hearing emergency alerts
  • More likely to miss subtle cues that signal danger
  • Hearing and talking to first responders


How To Prepare

For those with hearing loss, here is how to prepare: 

  • Update alarms and other safety devices
  • Keep your hearing aids handy
  • Sign up for emergency alerts 
  • Consider a medical bracelet
  • Keep communication support in your go bag

For caregivers who have loved ones who are hard of hearing, here is how you can help:

  • Check in and make sure that “they are aware of the situation and understand the instructions,” Lundstrom says.
  • Advocate for the person: Let people around and first responders know that the person you’re caring for is hard of hearing.”


Click here to read the full article


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