Vascular Health

Research shows a correlation between cardiovascular health and hearing
sensitivity. Hypertension is an accelerating factor in the degradation of the
auditory system; where as improved cardiovascular health has been shown
to slow down the progression of hearing loss.

Heart Disease

Individuals with hearing loss of unknown etiology are 8 times more likely to have
Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). Awareness of hearing loss often proceeded
awareness of IHD. This means hearing loss can be an early indicator of heart
health complications.

Lifestyle Choices

Many of the same lifestyle behaviors that impact heart health, can also impact
hearing. Physical activity, smoking, and fish consumption are three examples of
behaviors that impact both heart and hearing health.

Preventative Care

Having a hearing baseline and through health
history at age 50 will help to monitor for heart
disease, effects of medication, sudden changes to
hearing, and effects of aging. Early detection can
play a large role in better outcomes.

Quality of Life

Addressing hearing loss improves quality
of life. Hearing aid users report less
stress, frustration, and fatigue; as well as
better interpersonal relationships. This
lowers blood pressure and improves
overall health.

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